At Mind Your Business Bookkeeping, we understand that small businesses face unique financial needs.  Whether you are a start-up company, an established business, or a family partnership, the Chicago bookkeeping specialists at Mind Your Business Bookkeeping can help you manage all of your financial needs so that you can maintain a strong financial position and focus on running your business.

  • Online employee access to pay stubs

  • Electronic filing, including all tax deposits for federal and state taxes, quarterly and annual tax forms, and employee W-2’s

  • Easy-to-read payroll reports

  • Paperless options

  • Periodic review of payroll costs in advance of payroll submission so that you can make adjustments to accommodate cash flow

  • Pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation insurance available in conjunction with payroll

  • Maintain timely and accurate recording of business transactions

  • Act as a liaison with your accounting firm

  • Perform bank and credit card account reconciliations

  • Pay bills and process invoices

  • Tax form preparation and payment

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Provide customized financial statement reports on a regular basis

  • Client billing and invoicing

  • Collections

  • Electronic payment systems

  • Consulting and Training

  • Specialized Industry Services

"The perfect solution for businesses too small to justify a full-time in-house bookkeeper, but too busy to go it alone. Efficient, responsive and cost-effective. And a pleasure to deal with. ​"

Matthew Tanner, Principal, Roeser Tanner & Graham